Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back From Vacation

Hey Readers!
I been on hiatus recently only because I was on Vacation! Now that I'm back I wanted to share my experience!
I decided to visit my best-friend who I've known since middle school, 
She travels a lot because her husbands job and sometimes I never get a chance to see her for long periods of time. So I saved some money and got a plane ticket to Norfolk Virgina!(which is where she lives)
My best friend on the right and me on the left (Middle School)

Just to give you a little bit of my background 
The farthest place I've ever traveled as well last time I was on a airplane was when I visited New York City at the age of 12. I'm 23 now so that makes its around 11 years or so.
You can see Its been a while since I've gone anywhere...other then Orlando(which is only 4-5hrs away from Miami)
Having that said I was extremely excited to visit somewhere I've never been.

Other than being excited about visiting my Bestie, I was starting to feel a bit anxious only because of the airplane ride, I've never had the experience of riding a plane in my adult life.. I just didn't know what to expect. I flew with Jet Blue Airlines, and I have to say it was a smooth and stress free experience.. The great part of the plane was having the privilege to seat next to a window! I felt like a little girl with eyes wide open looking through that window as the plane lifted up in the air, the scenery was breathe taking!
 All in all even though I was extremely nervous, the airplane ride was a piece of cake!
As soon as the plane arrived I instantly felt the difference, having lived in Miami all my life the air there is hot and humid, I was use to seeing the same things over and over again.(beaches, palm trees, etc.)  Its hard to explain, something so simple as air can make a big difference in the way you experience things.
In a way I felt a sense of innocents stepping into a place I knew nothing about.
when my Bestie picked me up, as she was driving back to her home I was becoming that wide eyed little girl  from the plane ride agian.. Everything I saw was more and more exciting! As I think about it now I was only  an hour and fifty minutes plane ride away from home.
Its as if I was in another part of the world.. 

The first couple of days my bestie took me around to see the town of Norfolk where she lives, Got to enjoy just walking around and taking in the environment. Even got to visit a local mall called MacArthur Mall Center, I have to say going to a difference mall was another experience. Even though I've gone to all types of malls in Miami, it was the fact that I've never been to this mall. Got to enjoy Shopping and great company!
Seeing that the weather was so great I got take advantage of wearing whatever I wanted without the worry of dying of heat..  Added bonus was having a sub at my favorite sub place "Firehouse" which was in the mall Food court! (how awesome is that!)
After heading to the mall, Bestie and I also took a day only for Thrift shopping! Even though I didn't find much it was fun either way! 
 Couldn't ask for a better couple of days!

I have to say one of the main highlights of my trip was getting my New tattoo!
It was completely unplanned and unexpected.. Bestie and I were talking about it and I decided hey! I'm on vacation why not?  So I did some research and I decided "Trinity Tattoo" because they had really good reviews plus the artwork was the best I've seen. I've had my mind on the this design for a very long time and I never really had the time to find a good tattoo artist in Miami. I drew this design myself, its pretty much self explanatory (An artist til death)
To sum it up it signifies my passion for art, It will be a constant reminder to me that being an artist will always be apart of who I am no matter what life throws at me.

Finished product

 All healed =)