Friday, September 20, 2013

So Excited!

I'm finally in a Art Gallery! YAY!

The name of the gallery is called Lucid Gallery! 
I had two showings in the month of September. 
My first showing was the 6th 
It was kinda like a preview showing to feel out the layout of my paintings, However I did decided to change the layout completely for the second showing. 
All in all I had a good experience, after all, it is my first time EVER displaying my artwork in a gallery. 
I was so freaking Nervous! I was worried about the overall outcome and if people would really like my stuff... I had a lot of compliments! It really was a great turn out!  In this month I do hope to sell at least one
of my paintings =) 

I added a few photos of that night. 
As for the second showing it is actually Tonight! I will keep you guys posted with more photos! 
Stay Tuned!

My outfit that night

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